Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction Network

DiDRRN is a consortium of like-minded disabled people's organisation (DPOs) and 'mainstream' and disability-focused development and relief organisations. Our collective aim is to secure the active participation, and meaningful contribution, of persons with disabilities in DRR policy and practice post - Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

Quick fact and figure

15-20% of the world population are persons with disabilities

(WHO, 2011)

Mortality rates among persons with disabilities were 2-4 times higher compared to those without disabilities during the Great East Japan Earthquake 2011

(Japan Disability Forum, 2011)

75% of those who died in Hurricane Cathrina in the US (2005) were aged 60+

(HelpAge, 2017)

- 63% of persons with disabilities need assistance evacuating
- 57% of persons with disabilities face barriers accessing DRR information

(ASB & University of Sydney, 2014)

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Why inclusion matters?

Persons with disabilities may be placed at increased disaster risk due to cognitive or physical impairments. These factors may limit the ability of a person with disabilities to access information and/or to act on that information.

To date, the DRR community has paid little attention to widening the active participation of persons with disabilities. Similarly, little attention has been paid to addressing the environmental barriers and constraints that persons with disabilities face within a DRR context.

As such, the way in which DRR is most usually done continues to exclude and denies access to potentially life-saving information and procedures for the most at-risk within communities.

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